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What courses are right for you?

Some schools are known for different things. Example NDSS is know for their fabulous sports teams where Dover Bay is noted for their performing arts programs and Wellington for their science super labs. Depending on what you are after, International Student Education can find the right school that is perfect for you. If you want a smaller school with small class sizes and a tight knit community, you might chose Cedar or Ladysmith for the rural experience. If you want to be up at the North end of Nanaimo where all the shopping centres are, then perhpas Dover Bay is for you, or if your host family lives near the South end, then most likely you will pick NDSS or Barsby. Location, what academics you are interested in, and where your sports are offered can all play a huge part when making these choices. The experienced International Student Education staff helps you from the very beginning to the process to the very end.

Canada is known for their balanced approach to education, hands-on teaching methods and state of the art technology inside the classrooms. The teachers are super laid-back, friendly and they will get to know you on a very personal level. If you need help in class time, teachers and students are eager to come and answer your questions. Fellow students will also help you adjust to your new Canadian life. Canadians are known to be kind and helpful people.

Academies: The following academy programs are available in Nanaimo Ladysmith Secondary Schools:


Dover Bay


Courses and activities offered by school