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Grade 10, 11 or 12 students will receive their certifications upon completion of their year programs.

These end year certifications can be applied towards their Dogwood Diploma if they would like to continue in Canada until graduation

Sailing & fishing licenses can also be obtained through West Coast Wilderness Studies

B.C. Graduation Program:

Nanaimo Ladysmith ISE offers a graduation program that enables students to graduate from high school in British Columbia. International Students graduate with the internationally recognized B.C. graduation certificate (Dogwood Diploma) and are able to apply to study at university in Canada, their home country, or abroad. 

International Student Education staff work closely with students to individually plan their graduation program to meet all B.C. graduation requirements, future plans, and entrance requirements for their desired university programs or fields of study. Graduation planning also considers possible previous courses that are eligible for transfer credits. Each student’s academic progress is carefully monitored and supports are provided to assist with future post-secondary planning.