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Our Schools

NDSS Nanaimo District Secondary School

Nanaimo District Secondary School

Oldest school in Nanaimo, and the biggest with 1600+ students

Dual track, regular English, French Immersion and Francophone programs are available

Special sport applications – positions are filled using the LOTTO system

West Coast Wilderness Studies

Dover Bay Secondary School

Dover Bay Secondary School

1400+ students

Academic courses WWS

Fine arts – positions filled by LOTTO system

Musical theatre AP- Biology

Culinary arts program

Wellington Secondary School – The Beautiful School

Wellington Secondary School

1000+ students

Jazz music program – Diana Krall video applications

West Coast Wilderness Studies

Science Super Labs

John Barsby Secondary School

Barsby Secondary School

650+ students

Ladysmith Secondary School

Ladysmith Secondary School

700+ students

Cedar Community Secondary School

Cedar Secondary School

250+ students rural, no bus

There are also 28 elementary schools as well who do IES, but they do not offer homestay with these programs. This is more for families who want to host other family members from out of country.


The following academy programs are available in Nanaimo Ladysmith Secondary Schools:

Summer Program

ISE have just started their first summer program out of request from international agents. The tuition is $2,000 for one the month of July , $1,050/m homestay, and $110 Health Insurance. Small commission fee may apply.

Personal Message us on either FaceBook or email us at livenglishcanada@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these programs.

5 month program

Prices available upon request

10 month program

Prices available upon request

Please contact us via livenglishanada@gmail.com or via Facebook at LivEnglish Canada Facebook Page