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Why exchange programs work
Why homestay Nanaimo?

Why homestay Nanaimo?

Homestay is a proven way to learn English. Whether you go to Canada on a five-month program, or a full one-year program; language gap years push students to master their other languages faster. 

A student living inside an anglophone family while going to high school gets to experience what it is like to live in Canada, right inside their Canadian family. The family interacts with their student; eating meals together, seeing how they live, working and playing together.

You share memories, get to know one another and become part of something truly special.

Nanaimo is located on the West Coast of Canada in a park-like setting surrounded by forests, parks, lakes, rivers, and beaches directly on the Pacific Ocean. People come here from all over the world to experience nature first hand. You can often see whales, sea lions and orca splashing in the waves. Occasionally you will spot a black bear in the forest, but most likely bald eagles and deer. The west coast is teaming with wildlife, and vegetation; after all is a temperate rainforest.