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Why exchange programs work
Learn English in CANADA!

Learn English in CANADA!

What is learning English in Canada like?

Interview with Cagla from Turkey, a Grade 11 student living in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada from September 2021-June 2022.

What is your Canadian homestay family like?

In my Canadian host family there is a mother, a father and three children ages 16 (boy), 15 & 9 (girls). They are super nice. Their policy is honesty. As long as I am honest with them as to where I am and with who, they are always open to letting me go out with my friends. From day one I felt a part of their family. I socialize with the kids most of the time and am very close to my host-sister. We talk every single day. I am planning to come back next year.

What do you find interesting about Nanaimo?

I cannot believe there are bunnies in the streets. I love hiking up the mountains and spending time on the public beaches. There are so many places to go in nature. Back home in Istanbul there are lots of buildings. It is different.

What do you think about the food here?

I miss Turkish food! It is spicy and delicious and of course what I grew up on. I find most of the food here plain. My host mother does cook very well so I am lucky. She makes Korean, Vietnamese, Italian and English food like Shepherds Pie. Lots of different things to try.

Do you like peanut butter, poutine or pancakes?

Oh my god, I love peanut butter. We have some in Turkey too, but it is not as available as here. Poutine is good, but I prefer my fries normal. Pancakes with maple syrup is so delicious! It is sweet like honey, but not as sticky. We have crepes back home. Pancakes are just fat crepes.

What is the school like in Canada?

Back home the private school I go to is very strict and have to wear a uniform. You are not allowed to colour your hair, wear white shoes or jewelry. The school here is very different. Much easier.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I have not decided but either nursing or Real-estate. My father is in Real-estate and I would love to help grow his business. Knowing languages would help with that.

What are your friends in Canada like?

Most of my friends are International students from around the world. We are all here to learn and explore the area. We like to have fun together going out for food or shopping.

I have some Canadian friends too, like Angelina, who likes to get to know the International students who come here. I guess because she was born in Canada, moved to France, then Hungary and is back here, she is more like us. She is open to know people from other places, and take the time to get to know us.

What is something you like doing in Nanaimo?

I like eating hot dogs while watching the Junior Hockey League play hockey at Beban Park. I don’t know all the rules to the sport, I wish I knew more but it is so fun to watch them skate around the ice going after the puck.

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